Why Grounded Sky? 

Because we believe that every person should have roots but still be reaching for the next potential, the next bit of growth.

Because taking care of yourself allows you to better take care of those around you.

Because connecting to your own body, breath, and spirit shows you that same inherent humanness in others.

Because the prairie sky in our home base state of Nebraska is the biggest and most beautiful source of inspiration we need to keep light and playfulness in our daily lives.

Because we are here to serve you, our yogis, as well as our communities, with 15%+ of ALL proceeds going back to local (and larger) charities and non-profits.

Because when you ground yourself in the practice of self-care, you open yourself to unlimited possibilities of learning from, living in, and loving the world around you.

Grounded Sky mobile yoga studio, Hastings, NE

Who We Are

Jenni Welsch | Co-Founder, Instructor

Ben Welsch | Co-Founder 


Our mission is to nurture the connection to self while remaining present and engaged in the world around us. 


Jenni Welsch, yoga teacher Hastings, NE

Jenni Welsch - RYT200, RPYT

Exposed to yoga in college, it wasn't until well into motherhood that the yoga practice stuck and struck a chord in Jenni's life. With the realization that time on the mat could be time for her that also had a positive impact on her family, she dedicated herself to the role of student, which is an attitude she carries into her teaching. There is always something to learn. There is always something new to try. There is always good music to add to the moment.

Jenni enjoys teaching a variety of classes at different levels of intensity and believes that breath is where it all begins and ends. Her heart's work is reaching out to women - mamas especially - to guide them in the practice of being kind and loving to themselves, because the ripple effect from there is limitless. 

Ben Welsch 

Ben Welsch

Although support staff and official record keeper might best describe his duties at Grounded Sky, neither one scratches the surface of all that Ben does and represents. Support is at the core of his person and the partnership he provides; he is always there to help and loves to think of new ways that GS can reach out and give back to those around us.

Ben enjoys the practice of yoga for himself, but also for the entire family, including the various ages of his children. While he enjoys the physicality of asana, he is growing more and more to appreciate the restorative nature of yoga's mental practices, too. 

When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.
— BKS Iyengar