Grounded But Still Growing

For close to two years (whoa - how did that happen?), I have been writing pieces for a Nebraska-based site called Her View From Home. It's a pretty cool site and concept, and they do well to include all kinds of views and voices in their writing; it's always been an honor to be part of their efforts. 

Last spring, they did a little campaign/celebration of #herviewis and contributors sent in pictures of themselves with any way they saw fit to end and portray that sentence. Naturally, my view included some yoga (and coffee, because this was well before I ever dreamed of giving it up!), and the phrase I came up with was Grounded but still Growing. 


At the time, it made for a perfect photo op of tree pose next to one of our little trees, but I also like what it represented in terms of how I seem to approach life...that as the eternal student. 

When I was in school, I mistakenly thought that adults picked one thing to do/be and that was it. You don't change. That world view is laughable to me now, because as I've aged, I've come to see that what do you/are is always subject to change. Sure, some folks pick and stick with one career or main interest in life. But plenty of others change and change and then change again because that is where life leads them.

I like learning. I like challenging myself. It makes sense that the introvert in me wants to stay grounded and connected to my home base, but that the explorer and academic in me wants to keep trying, keep expanding my knowledge/experience base. So, yes, Grounded but still (always) Growing. It just makes sense.

What makes me chuckle, almost a full year later, is that the name of our new business and a mantra for how we are approaching this endeavor, was all right there. Like those twinkles in the eye that we tell our children they were before they were conceived, Grounded Sky was already floating around us, waiting for the right time to land and present itself. 

If you had told me when this photo was taken that I'd be doing what I am now, I would have laughed. But that's growth. It comes in unexpected ways and at unexpected times, and if you can just keep your feet on the ground with a willingness to reach as high as the sky will allow, well, then wondrous things will happen.

Keep reaching, friends. Stay grounded, but always keep growing.  

Grounded but still growing. Jenni Welsch RYT200, RPYT