Although it is hard for me to believe now, once upon a time, I had a very tech-savvy brain. As in, I used to write XML code and whatnot during grad school for the Cather Archive at UNL (proof here). 10+ years and four babies later, that skill set feels other worldly. You know when you accidentally hit a button on your computer and a window of code opens, causing you to scramble and start whisper-screaming "NO!! NO!!!!"? Yeahhhhhh....me, too. 

So, take all that and wrap it into the story of building this website and all the many (many!) unilateral pieces that had to transpire to bring it and all its social sites to life, and you get some funny moments. Funny now because they are over and the sites are all still running smoothly. But at the time, during my DIY approach to Internet presence for my business, there were several moments where it became very clear to me why people pay OTHER people to do this work for them. It's hard. 

One such moment came during our domain creation. And actually, paying someone to do it for me wouldn't have made a bit of difference in the worst moment because between the time when we settled on Grounded Sky as our name and actually got the LLC paperwork and web stuff rolling, our domain groundedsky.COM had disappeared. Actually, that's not accurate. We know just where it went. Our .com got renewed by some big domain company overseas; it just happened to be available when we first checked late last year, but by middle of January this year, nope. (Re)Taken. 

Enter ensuing freak out. How would people find us if we were not a .com?! My DIY course had other options for me, of course, but how could any of those be right? 

After a couple days and yes, more brainstorming, we settled on .space as our domain, and just as with the company name itself, once we landed there, it felt very, very right. Will .space sites be the next big thing? Well, I have no idea (remember, tech-brain long gone), but for a yoga business especially, I can't think of a better ending or wish for ourselves and our yogis than space. We all need some space to breathe and move and grow. That's exactly what we desire Grounded Sky to provide. So www.groundedsky.space seems mighty fine to me for our web home. We just didn't know that when we set out on this littler journey. Hello, metaphors in abundance. 

How about for you? What does space look like in your life? What does it mean to you to have a space of your own? We'd love to hear more about how you create and hold space in your daily lives. On the mat, on the web, and everywhere in between!