Why Grounded Sky?

As with any new venture, time, care, and consideration go into, well - everything. Truth be told, this mobile studio of ours has been in the works for half a year, and is just now bubbling up to the surface for all to see; so, like anything that takes a while to come together, when it does arrive, it does so with a story. 

Grounded Sky's name, as well as its make-up, went through many variations during those months, a time some friends and I affectionately called The Muddling Period. Although it was tempting to just dive in, careful thought and intention had to be part of the deal, and those aren't qualities one can rush. 

So, we muddled.

We talked and we planned and we asked questions - and then we did it all again, scratching things out, fine-tuning the dreams and the details, working things round until it was apparent that the time to start Doing (and not just dreaming) had arrived.

First task - settle on name. Thanks to a big brainstorm session, and an entire sheet of paper covered in potential company names, we came up with Grounded Sky and it stuck - big time - in our brains. At first glance, it is an oxymoron, but when you consider my love for the prairie sky (more to come on this in a later post) and the calming effects it has on me - just like yoga - it is no wonder it was a fit for me. When my cohorts agreed that they couldn't get it out of their heads, I knew we had our name.

Second task - do all the other things. 

Did you just laugh at me there? Well, good - you were meant to! But it's true. From that point forward, there has been nothing linear about this process, so I couldn't count the tasks in order if I tried. Starting a business and getting it ready to present online, which is pretty essential when you don't have a set location, requires completing five jobs at once, every day, for weeks (and weeks). 

Grounded Sky yoga business logo 

Fortunately, we know some pretty amazing people who helped us along the way and provided us with some incredible resources. One was our logo, courtesy of WonderWild which we adore. I personally had no idea how you could make a visual for a name like GS, but I am beyond pleased with our final result as it showcases all the radiance plus depth that we hope to embody in our business. 

Another big win was our marketing course through A Kind Trade. From all this, I was able to help shape how we wanted to present ourselves to the world and I even learned how to make this here little website for you! Yay for learning! Yay for growth!

And yay for friends who take amazing photographs (Inscribed Photography and Kristen Laing Photography) to help us make it look extra special and spiffy here at groundedsky.space.

The creation process may have been overwhelming at times, but we are so excited to be here now, sharing in all that is to come with you. This is the time for the doing and the dreams to come together, and we can't wait to see where that leads!